Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need for Photo Day?

We ask that you are on time! Flash Sports Photography will confirm the photo day and time scheduled with the coach by email or phone. Coaches, please tell your team to arrive at least 10 minutes before that time. Since teams are scheduled one after another, there is little time to wait. Your team will start being photographed at your scheduled time, so please be on time, if not early.

Please make sure that your forms are filled out completely.  This ensures that we stay on schedule and photograph the individuals and teams quickly.

When you arrive on Photo Day, be sure to find your coaches and team members and stay together. Coaches please check in at the designated photo table. This photo table is where we collect order forms, run credit cards, hand out information, and answer any questions your team or parents may have.

After check-in, please keep your team organized so when your time comes, we are ready to begin immediately. Players will have their order form with it completely filled out in hand and be in order from shortest to tallest. This height order will allow Flash Sports Photography to make an efficient transition from individual photos to team photos and have your team’s photography session completed in a timely manner. Please bring one prop specific to your sport (volleyball, bat, football, basketball, etc.) to use for individual photographs.

If you are not ordering anything extra other than the included 8x10 memory mate that the club provides, we ask that you please still fill in the order form with your child's name and team information so that the memory mate may be completed correctly.

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What methods of payment do you accept?

Flash Sports Photography accepts Cash, Debit, Visa and MasterCard. Please note that a $1.50 charge will be added to your order for the use of credit/debit cards. We also do not carry cash on site, so exact change is needed when using cash.

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Do I have to pay for photos on Photo Day?

Yes, Flash Sports Photography requires that you make payment prior to having your child take their photograph. You will have access to the order form with enough time to make a decision of what products interest you. If for some reason payment is not made at the time of photographs, the entire team order will be held until the one individual has paid. Payment is only required for those asking for more than the 8x10 memory mate that the club has already purchased from us.

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When will I get my photos?

Flash Sports Photography processes all photo's at once for a single club. This means that all orders are held until a week after re-take day and can be expected to arrive about 3 weeks after re-take day. Photo's will be delivered to the coach or club administrator.

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What if I can't make it to my team's scheduled Photo Day?

Not a problem! We hold at least one re-take day where it is a first come first serve basis. If your club has ordered a standard memory mate, your child will still be "Photoshopped" into the group photo. We still ask that you do try your best to make it to the scheduled time as it makes it easier and quicker to submit orders!

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What if I lost my order form?

We ask that you please try your best to hold onto your order form and return it with you on Photo Day. However, in our busy lives we understand that things get forgotten and we always carry extra forms on Photo Day so that you have one to fill out.

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Can I order more products after I submit my form?

Certainly. If you either opted to not receive any products or simply want more you are more than welcome to order more! We ask that you send us an email with your child's name and the team he/she are on so we can locate their file; and of course what products you would like. Extra products will need to be paid by Credit/Debit; so we will either call for or use the existing form for Credit Card information.

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What if there is something wrong or missing from my order?

Please email us at flashsportsphoto@outlook.com with all details. Or call us at 905-359-7777; leave a message with your name and number and a brief description of the issue and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Can I pay my order with a Credit Card?

We do accept Credit Cards; either Mastercard or Visa. Due to convenience fees we charge $1.50 for the entire order to be processed when paying with a Credit Card.

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